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Our prices for new orders range from £790 up to £2300. Our average gown price is £1500.

We also have our Last Chance to Love section with sample gowns, these can start as low as £100, all prices and measurements are listed alongside images of the gown and can be found on this website.
We are a boutique with one dressing room and one to one customer service, this means that by booking with us you get exclusivity of the Studio for you and, due to current guidelines, one guest. It is currently absolutely essential to book due to government guidelines about Covid-19. Appointment lengths are currently less due to government guidelines.

As you are booking exclusive use at no charge, we really do appreciate notice if you are no longer able to make an appointment. This ensures that anyone on a waiting list can perhaps be seen and that we are not opening up for no reason.
Our sizes range from 10 to 28. We use lots of techniques to make a gown look the best it possibly can on you if it is not close to your size.
Yes, payment plans are available if required.
When you find your gown with us it will be such a memorable moment. You will then be measured and we will ensure we have all of the information required from you to order your dress. We require fifty percent of your gown price to place your order and the balance when the gown arrives. We ask you to read and sign our terms and conditions and then you leave the rest to us!
As you may try on dresses on which are strapless or with low backs etc. a nude/white strapless bra is a good idea. Something to tie up your hair can be helpful if you think you may wear it up on your wedding day, it is also easier to hold a veil in place if you wear it up, or half up and down. We provide shoes and everything else you might need. There are new guidelines regarding PPE which will be provided prior to your consultation.
Many brides hope to lose weight or tone up so this is completely fine and nothing to stress about. Depending on how long your chosen dress might take to arrive and the date of your wedding you can always delay being measured. This allows you to be closer to where you want to be on your wedding date. You can continue to lose weight after this time as dresses generally can be altered down two dress sizes so you can rely on our fabulous seamstress to take care of those minor details when the time comes. Alterations start six weeks prior to either a) your wedding date or b) your travel date, if you are going away for your wedding.
It is never too early to start looking for your bridal gown; once you start looking do not be surprised if you find it, surely the whole point in you starting to look is to find it, right? Lots of girls end up with the first dress they try on but don’t be disheartened if that doesn’t happen for you. A wedding gown on average will take five to nine months to arrive, depending on designer delivery dates and remember to factor in the extra six weeks required prior to the wedding for alterations. In summary, a nice amount of time to make the experience enjoyable and comfortable is twelve months in advance of your wedding date. If you start shopping too early it may lead to being disappointed rather than prepared as if you find your dress and you aren’t ready to buy, for whatever reason, that gown could be discontinued and you may miss out on it if you return to the Studio several weeks or months later.
Delivery dates vary between designers, but it will usually take 5 – 9 months for your dress to arrive in store.
Due to current government guidelines, you are welcome to bring one special guest with you as we can all socially distance with three in the Studio. You are welcome to bring others via zoom or facetime!
You are welcome to contact us for anything you need whilst your gown is on order. Once it arrives we call you and hope to make an appointment within one week of the dress arriving so we can see it on you to check all is well with the gown. Your balance on the gown is due within seven days of the dress arriving so this is usually at your first fitting if you can make it in. However, if you can’t make it in the balance can be settled over the phone or via a bank transfer. Your first fitting will be six weeks before your wedding and our seamstress usually works on a Wednesday evening as we find that this works well around our brides working hours. We can always arrange an alternative day/time if this doesn’t work for you! We book this first fitting around nine weeks prior to your wedding and we call or email you to do this, however, if you wish to book it in sooner as you want to coincide it with a hair or makeup trial so you can see your overall look then, of course, it can be booked in earlier.
You will need the shoes you will be wearing on the day and a bra if you have chosen to wear your own. Many of our brides prefer to have the seamstress sew-in bra cups as this is far more comfortable. Shoes are the most important thing yet the one thing so many forget to bring along!
Yes, we have parking immediately outside the shop. There is also village parking to the right of the shop, when looking at it, which is free for up to three hours and street parking on the opposite side of the road to us. This is free and allows two hours of free parking. This two hour changes to one hour the further down the high street you go, so be sure to check the signs if you aren’t outside the Studio.