Time To Find Your Bridal Gown – What to expect at my appointment?

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Congratulations on your engagement! Your wedding date is booked, it is now time to find your bridal gown, how exciting!

First of all, we think that the best time to shop for your bridal gown is around twelve to eighteen months before your wedding. This is because the order time varies, from designer to designer, but it can take five to six months to be made and to arrive in the Studio. If you have less time than this,  you will have less time to shop around, and you will need to be more focused on “finding the one!” There is always an off-the-peg option if you require something really quickly. Our shortest turnaround for a bridal gown has been four days! So we will always try our best to help, no matter what your time frame is.


When you arrive at your appointment you will be greeted at the door and welcomed into the Studio, which will be your exclusive space for up to an hour and a half. You may arrive with a Pinterest board of ideas of your favorite bridal gowns, screenshots from our website or social media, or simply with an open mind.

After our initial introductions, you will be asked about your wedding, including the venue, ceremony, and style goals. We will then discuss your likes and dislikes regarding fabrics, silhouettes, necklines, skirt shapes – of which examples of gowns can be shown to help you with this.  We want to get to know you, your wedding goals, and find you your perfect gown, and all of this information will help us do that. If you have an ideal amount you wish to spend, this would be a good time to mention it!


We will then begin the fun part, picking out gowns! These may be very specific, matching your exact requirements, if you are set on what you are looking for. Or, if it is your very first appointment, it could involve lots of different styles of dresses and fabric types, to ensure we are exploring lots of options.

You will now leave your family and friends and head to our beautiful, spacious dressing room. Here you will need to undress to your underwear and we will help you into each wedding gown. Sometimes they might fit you well, other times they may need adjusting to give you a great idea as to how the gown would look on you, in your size. Sometimes your imagination will be required as your dress will be ordered in your size. Unfortunately, we are unable to house each style of gown in various sizes. We have shoes for you to try with your gown if you choose, so you do not need to bring your own along.

Once you are all ready you will then head back into the main Studio, where you will be met by the happy faces of your nearest and dearest, and you are welcome to discuss the gown.

We can stand you on a “box” to show you. How the hemline would look after alterations if required, and prices can be given upon request, along the way. We will repeat this process, throughout your chosen gowns, with the aim of retrying your favorite bridal gown. At the end of the appointment.


Often brides easily find ‘the one’. And it can come with emotion, a sense of relief or excitement, but once you know, you know! Sometimes you may be undecided between a couple, and you need to retry them both until you reach a decision. Sometimes girls need a little more time to think, which is when we make the all-important second appointment.

Should you find your wedding dress. We will have a little celebration. Take some photos and we then return you to the dressing room to take your measurements.

You will need to read our terms and conditions. Pay a deposit of fifty percent. And then “job done”, your dress is sorted!

If you would like us to be part of your journey. Please get in touch through a DM on social media. Through our contact us form on our website, or by dropping us a call. We look forward to meeting you.



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