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Something exciting has been happening in the studio over the last couple of weeks, the transformation of a clean backdrop into a stunning feature wall, by the incredibly talented Rubana of Crimson Letters.


The goal was to elevate the space for my brides and create an environment where they feel welcome, comfortable, visually inspired, and know they will be my highest priority.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the pleasure of watching Rubana at work, she is extremely talented and her work is exquisite. Watching creative people work is always interesting, not only as I am in admiration of their talent, but also because there is always an end result in mind, and until it is achieved there is always a sense of unrest. Perfection is the goal, and of course, it was reached, in fact, it was starting to take shape, for Crimson Letters, by the end of day two!


The journey began with color choices, as it was important to keep them in line with the feel of the boutique and its’ branding. Rubana admits that the palette is a little out of her usual range of colors, but if she had not shared that I would never have known, pink isn’t everyone’s favorite!!

Next came the images of potential flowers, and this was very straightforward as Rubana and I was very much on the same page. Dahlias and peonies, such stunning choices, especially what they represent as wedding flowers Peonies symbolise a happy marriage, prosperity, good fortune, riches, honor, and compassion. And dahlias stand of elegance and wealth. Much needed positive vibes and inspiration for my brides in the build-up to their wedding.


As the artist took to the wall, another talent arrived at the Studio, Mode Dargis in the form of the videographer. His work again was amazing; he knew exactly how to capture Crimson letters at work, with her complete creative control of the space. He spent only a little while capturing Rubana in her element then, on Rubana’s request, me in mine! Oh how Rubana laughed as she watched my reaction. I am, just like she once was, uncomfortable being filmed or photographed, for Studio purposes, but it is a growing trend for those prospective clients to get a feel for who they are working with, so it is something I have to get used to, I guess!


Day three of the work involved Rubana working without any disturbances, and this is the day the wall mural grew both in-depth and in size, it looked finished yet it needed one more day, just an hour or less, to complete this masterpiece. With gold leaf and texture galore the mural was complete.

It was clear to see how amazing it would be on day one, especially after a potential bride popped in to comment on how breathtaking the wall art was. But by day four the impact of the wall had quadrupled. Such a stunning piece, and such a beautiful person, inside and out, to create it for me. Thank you so much Crimson Letters.



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